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Blues by the Beach Documentary

What we hear on the news is tragic but distant. Constant reels with killings and bombings in the Middle East are played, and start to feel like a bad movie which keeps playing on auto-repeat.
What makes the Blues by the Beach documentary different is its involvement. We learn about the venue. We learn about the people involved. The individuals are happy, and are eager to talk about their experiences. They want to reveal another side of Israel, one in which they refuse to cower in fear and instead choose to celebrate life. Then we see how the suicide bombing affects them – its destruction to a place and its effect on the people that are present. We invite you to view our film about the middle east but first we suggest you watch the Blues by the Beach trailer.

Blues by the Beach Trailer

The Blues by the Beach documentary special new edition 2 disc DVD can be purchased at CreateSpace and Amazon.com. The Video Download of the film is available at EZTakes.

The Blues by the Beach free trailer is available at this site. This true-life story about the Middle East is as real as it gets.

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