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Blues by the Beach Movie

If you're interested in the current crisis in the Middle East; if you're Jewish, Christian, or Muslim; if you're interested in Israel's status in the region: you must see this film.

Filmmaker Jack Baxter traveled to Israel in early 2003 to film a terrorism trial. But discovering another filmmaker already documenting the case, he found another subject.

It was by chance that he found Mike’s Place in Tel Aviv. The bar was neutral ground, where anybody and everybody came together to drink, to dance, and enjoy each other's company. Jack decided that this was his new project. Along with filmmaker Joshua Faudem, Jack's new project, "Blues by the Beach", would focus on how people could come together and still find normalcy in their lives, despite the chaos going on around them.

The documentary spotlights several individuals, including a beautiful and charismatic waitress, Dominique Hass. She came to Israel from France, and on the night of April 30, 2003, she picked up a shift to earn extra money.

A suicide bomber attacked at the entrance of Mike’s Place, injuring more than 50 and killing three.

From this moment on, the film took on a different role. Reality hit hard at Mikes Place Tel Aviv that night, and the spirit that followed afterwards is moving and worth watching.

History at Mikes Place Tel Aviv

Today, the beer is still cold and the music is still loud. Mikes Place Tel Aviv stands as a living peace symbol that perseveres amidst turmoil. The memory of April 30, 2003 is still burned into the minds of the bar's staff and patrons.

This is a film about the Middle East and it is a must see. See it to honor the memory and to gain a new, closer perspective. The documentary has earned acclaim and has been showcased at numerous film festivals. "Blues by the Beach" documentary is available on this site, selling the DVD through our link to CreateSpace and Amazon.com, the Video Download through iArtHouse, and by Pay-Per-View Video Streaming on Vividas.